I was brought on board at Harry & David for two main tasks: to push the design sophistication of the brand’s flagship marketing vehicle (the print catalog), and to train the creative team in the proper way to get it done. in my six years with the company, I crossed all channels of their $300+ million business, designing the elements that defined the brand and developing creative processes to ensure exceptional execution.

The Cover is god at Harry & David. plain old product photos are critical to sales (I did plenty of those too) but, covers are the first opportunity to grab the customer. rather than relying on tear sheets and rough concepts, I prefer to plan my shots in sketches. here are some examples of those initial sketches, as well as some of the shots that made it in front of the camera.

while working at Harry & David, I also had the opportunity to revitalize the Wolferman’s brand. though I was regrettably not permitted to redesign the logotype, I was able to dress it in the much greater subtlety it’s audience deserved. the effects of our team’s work was seen in print and on the web.

the Soulation story is a long one. suffice it to say that I really like working with them. I created the identity at the very outset of the endeavor. that was followed by stationery, advertising, web art direction ... and the saga continues.

SticKey Apologetics was the starting point for a very simple, very cool idea: flash cards on static-cling stickers. the initial audience was an academic but youthful group. the identity needed to hold up on difficult media and needed to be prepared for endless line extensions (and target audiences) down the road.

the owner of Off Seventh was referred to me by a previous client who knew we’d connect on this artful, aesthetically anchored salon. The concept centers around the idea of having various mannequins suggested by the owner (she’s obsessive about hair design) and created as a kind of mascot on my end. it was a showcase for the studio’s creativity.

Off 7th happened when the owner of Off Seventh made a minor adjustment to the name of her salon. a whole new direction emerged out of these newly challenging characters.

the color palette will evolve over time to reflect changes in the market. the hand-drawn ‘7’ ensures that the central element doesn’t appear somewhere else on 7th street. the micro-size version was developed for challenging applications, eg embroidery on stlyist aprons.

OrPh (he thought I was crazy but, I still like it) began with the assignment of transforming an existing photography database into an e-commerce site for this Southern Oregon photographer. in the process, I developed an identity to be deployed on the website and in print advertising. it’s simple, clean, and always secondary to Brian’s breathtaking work.

KWAPA (it’s more exciting if you say “kwaPAH!”) came to a developer friend of mine with a logo ... and nothing else. apparently the first designer didn't stick around and now they needed a site. I was brought on board to build a brand around this logo and develop the look for the site.

Tom Chester is a passionate guy with a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the renewable energy industry. he needed a place to connect with clients and generally speak his mind. a default blog set-up wouldn't do for Tom so I set up this bright, energetic template as a holding tank for all his mind can dream up. it's simple in presentation and execution and meant minimal upkeep expense for Tom.

OpenMRI was another case where a logo existed but, the brand toolkit ended there. my assignment was to create the identity in this site design, focusing on comfort, relaxation, and above all else, openness. the central slideshow showcases their revolutionary equipment while voice-over audio explains the emphasis on medical care.

Alone In My Car was an unprecedented opportunity for me to combine all the things I love: typography, black & white photography, information graphics, and my wife! with a background in Urban Planning and years spent in Los Angeles, she was personally motivated to do this research work on the effects of urban sprawl. I worked with her to explain her findings through photographic evidence and designed the book and info graphics around it.